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Retail Packaging
Umiya Packaging force behind biodegradable and sustainable retail packaging. We at umiya Retail Packaging believe that to be a successful retail-packaging manufacturer means nothing more than helping our clients to be successful. How can we help our clients to become successful in this highly competitive marketplace? By assuring their products are high quality, affordable, there is continuous improvement in customer relations and an efficient delivery system.

We have developed great competencies in shortening engagement cycles and turnaround times via interfacing with our customers in a manner that allows for all requirements answered within 24hrs. Studies after studies show that traditional catalog distributors of retail packaging supplies maintain the prices of items for a long time before new catalogs are reprinted to make any changes. Interestingly, increased productivity, just-in-time management and efficient outsourcing have contributed in dragging down prices at Umiya Retail Packaging.

Call us at 9824534400, 9824266996 or mail us at or visit us at our office in Rupal.