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Environment Friendly Packaging
We are the first company, in the Gujarat, to develop point of sale packaging that is eco-friendly. Our packaging products are made exclusively from "Tree Free Papers" that are Eco-friendly and sustainable. Agra-residue, recycled plant fibre, such as scrap cotton, pineapple leaf, and lotka are some of primary raw materials that our packaging products are made from. The jewelry, clothing, cosmetic, and accessory packaging products we design, develop and distribute utilize hand-made, "tree free" papers.

The basic materials that are used in the manufacture of our display cards are plant fibers that such as jute, straw, hemp, pineapple leaf, cotton, and hyacinth, no trees have to be cut down to make the paper that is used in our products.

For more information regarding our products, please email us at or call us on 9824034400. Together, we can help the earth be a better place for all of us.