About us :-
Specialty coloured paper is our business.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Posterprint (matt), Glowprint (fluorescent) and Lustreprint (pearlescent) colour coated papers and boards in India. Our wide range of specialty coated papers have virtually unlimited applications. These papers and boards are popularly used by printers, packaging industry, advertising, stationery makers, art and craft users, etc.

Our papers also find application in: • Copier paper • Laser paper • Origami paper • Poster paper • Self adhesive labels • And various other uses. Colours, Textures & Finishes that are just right for hue! Novelty and innovation are our signature. The Yamuna Papers range offers you vast options of colours, hues, textures and finishes that will enliven your end product – be it a craft work or an advertising message.

Our papers are available in various weights and sizes. Users also have the choice of single or double sided coatings in the same colours or different colours. The range and the choices are a true enabler, promoting creativity and increasing the efficacy of your creation. Take a look at what we offer, speak to us of your requirement – then see your creations come to life – in full colour!
Paper types:-
Rag papers
Wood-free papers
Wood-containing papers
Natural paper
Book paper
Illustration printing paper
LWC (light weight coated) papers
Art paper
Cast-coated paper
Chromo paper
Label paper
Wrapping paper
Banderoling paper
Metallized chromo paper